PUSH UR T3MPRR by Femtanyl - Heaven Studio Custom Remix


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2 months of work, countless burnouts and hundreds of individual open captions written. This is quite possibly the most ambitous heaven studio remix yet made at least in terms of visual effects.

Music: PUSH UR T3MPRR - By Femtanyl

If you would like to play this yourself you can find the download in the "level showcase" channel within the heaven studio discord server which can be joined using this link: https://discord.gg/rheavenstudio
You may have to search for it if this video is a older than a month.
However, due to the sheer amounts of vfx within this chart, it's entirely possible you may not be able to play it due to lag. Heaven studio is a great piece of software however it's not intended to load captions which include thousands of characters every frame. If you find yourself unable to play this chart, I've made a "lightshow" version which only includes the vfx if you'd still like to watch it within heaven studio.

A quick note on how the visual effects on this remix were made. All the screen effects you see are done entirely with text by using square blocks to cover up the screens, which are spaced very close together using 1/16th snapping and were slowly hand crafted frame by frame. Some of the larger sections (such as the ending) would take 30-45 minutes to create a single frame of animation, which in total took me about 3 weeks to create that single loop of animation. This is also why it lags so much since each frame is comprised of thousands of characters blocking out all the screens. This was an incredibly fun project to work on however my next remix may be a bit simpler since I'm not ready to go through the hell of making something on this scale again.

If you've read this far into the description, can I also just say thanks for even clicking on this video and reading this far into the description. Seeing my previous video hit 100k views has left me speechless and I honestly appreciate all the support that video got.
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