WotLK Unholy DK 3.3.5a - DnD friendly rotation and more


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In this video you can find both Unholy presence opener @01:28 and Unholy presence + Army of the Dead on the pull with active Rune Grace timer @04:48 before "combat starts" (I know that Army Ghouls attack the other targets before I start attacking, and that you cant afford that in raid which is why you should time both Death and Decay and Army of the Dead ~8-9seconds before the pull and auto attack in to Blood/Plague Strike as soon as possible).

This is the rotation you should use when there is need for Death and Decay during the encounter (especially if its multiple times) and/or you have to switch a lot of targets where a random Pestilence can grant you an extra Scourge Strike on the target (especially if that target needs to be killed as soon as possible).

As said in the previous video, best way to refresh Bone Shield if needed is with that Blood Tap, just dont /cancelaura it like I do in the video, and just pop Bone Shield instead of Blood Strike in to Scourge Strike asap.

When it comes to Death and Decay, the best way to use it would be with Blood Tap.
As you use Blood Strike (that consumes first/left Blood Rune), use Blood Tap and spam your:

#showtooltip Death and Decay
/use !Death and Decay

macro (this doesnt cancel the big green circle on the ground if you spam the button) to place it as soon as possible.
If you dont have Blood Tap, the best way to use Death and Decay would be after the Scourge Strike using first/left Frost and Unholy rune (DnD will use first/left Blood and second/right Frost and Unholy rune).
If you need Death and Decay asap, just use it whenever you can.

Couple of things to know about Death and Decay,...
It gets buffed by every trinket proc, talent, buff you had at the time you casted it.
If you cast Death and Decay and you get a attack power trinket proc right after, it wont increase its damage.
If you cast Death and Decay, and than Pestilence, Ebon Plaguebringer (13% spell dmg increase) debuff and any other similar magic dmg increase debuff will increase dmg of Death and Decay.
However, the only "debuff" that wont increase DnD dmg after you place it is Blood Plague, or rather talent Rage of Rivendare.
In order for Rage of Rivendare to increase Death and Decays damage by 10%, it has to be on the target before you cast DnD.

Best times I could have used DnD in the video:
@02:39 and @03:39, right after Blood Tap,
@02:18 or @02:21 (skip that Scourge Strike), etc...

Sometimes its better just to pop DnD, especially if you get 2 extra ticks regardless of buffs and debuffs on both you and target.
Sometimes its better to wait and pop a huge DnD because you have more than enough time to have all 11 ticks of the ability to happen.
So this one, you need to figure out yourself. :)
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