One Punch Princess Precure: Dreams and Despair


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This isn't a dance video...!?

I was inspired by a similar awesome video to make one of my own. This combines two of my favorite anime ever: one is a powerful story about girls who overcome hardships to make their dreams come true, and the other is a powerful story about punching shit. I had the idea a long time ago, and decided halfway that I'd put a little more thought into making it. As a result, what was going to be just a lame, unedited WMM mashup of a song and a clip ended up turning into a fully subbed “alternate” scene! I loved this little project so much and I really wanted to give it 110%. Fair warning: I like to take a few liberties with my JA-to-EN translations and the timing for the subs may be just a little off, but that's just nitpicky stuff. This is a work of mine that I’m particularly proud of. I hope you all enjoy it!
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