Francesco Salieri (1741-1826) - Sinfonia 'La Tempesta di Mare'


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Composer: Francesco Salieri (1741-1826)
Work: Sinfonia 'La Tempesta di Mare'
Performers: I Solisti Veneti; Claudio Scimone (conductor)

Painting: Alexandre Jean Noël (1752-1834) - Ships on a Stormy Sea

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Francesco Salieri
(Legnago, 27 May 1741 - 1826)

Italian violinist and composer. Student of Giuseppe Tartini and Giuseppe Simoni, he was the first violin teacher of his younger brother Antonio Salieri. But beyond that, almost nothing is known about his life and it is assumed that he mainly worked as a violinist. As a composer he wrote at least one symphony. His son Girolamo Salieri (1794-1864) was a good skilled clarinetist, arranger and composer.
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