Loudness - Crazy Nights (HD)


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Klassic 80's Metal - Made In Japan 🤘🤘
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From 'Thunder In The East' album.
New single !! (Jan 2018): https://youtu.be/OFayf6YiNak
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Vocalist Minoru Niihara: "Actually it does not have any meaning. When we were doing pre-production for the Thunder in the East album, I did not have any lyrics for Crazy Night then, so I sung total nonsense as a guide vocal for the demo recording. I sung 'M.Z.A' by accident and the producer Max Norman liked the line, even though that did not have any meaning. We were trying to create some cool line but we could not beat 'M.Z.A'. Max ended up deciding to use 'M.Z.A' for the real take".

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