How to make a Valheim mod


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UPDATE 5/15/2021: Vortex no longer uses the unstripped_dlls mod as its base for other mods. Instead, it now also uses BepInExPack. The development process is effectively the same, but both the Vortex method and installing the pack from Thunderstore now result in a setup with the "unstripped_corlib" folder. I talk a a little more about the changes at the beginning of this update video:

Basic guide to making Valheim Harmony mods with BepInEx. Manual BepInExPack installation starts at 4:15, go to 5:03 to skip.

NOTE: It is better to import the Unity dlls from "Valheim/unstripped_corlib" (or "Valheim/unstripped_managed" if you are still using the unstripped_dlls mod). Some of the dlls from "valheim_Data\Managed" are missing functionality that is useful for modding.

I'll attempt to answer any questions if you reach out:
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