Chunariya - Na Tum Jaano Na Hum (2002) HD♥


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"Chunariya" (Read: Step down in quality of songs for films featuring such stars!) is a ripped off folk song with typical dholak tunes. (Just listen to Sukhwinder Singh repeating his chorus; if you've heard the song, you'll know it was copied). The shehnaai and flute attempt to change it but mid way Roshan returns to his usual repeating ways. Udit is average and should probably wonder why he's been chosen to sing these dance numbers when he's won awards for songs like "Mitwa". We'll make the assumption this one was squeezed in there because Hrithik must dance swiftly in each of his films.

Singer:- Shukhwinder Singh & Udit Narayan
Movie:- Na Tum Jaano Na Hum
Music:- Rajesh Roshan
Star Cast:- Hrithik Roshan, Esha Deol, Saif Ali Khan
Director:- Arjun Sablok
Producer:- Pradeep Bhangu & Kishore Biyani
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