Orange 9mm - Cutting and Draining


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The life's blood of the NYHC scene - musically - was not only the influx of bands from a new breed of Hardcore/Punk kids, but the unfortunate fact of bands from the previous era breaking up. If you were lucky enough you got to see your favorite Hardcore band play a handful of shows and snatch up their 7 inch vinyl or cassette demo - if they even got that far - Though it sucked royally to see great bands go, you couldn't argue with the mathematics. For every one band that folded, at the very least 2 sometimes even 3 new bands would be formed from its demise. Bands like BEYOND, their disbandment would in-turn give the NYHC scene two of the most progressive and game changing bands - QUICKSAND (whom Tom Capone and Alan Cage joined) and INSIDE OUT (formed by Vic DiCara). Ex-members of YOUTH OF TODAY would start influential bands such as: UNDERDOG, JUDGE, BOLD and SHELTER. In hind insight not a bad deal.
As the last grain of sand dropped for the NYHC outfit BURN, two very distinct bands came to the center. The am-rep. inspired DIE116 formed by Gavin Van Vlack with members of RORSCHACH and ORANGE 9mm, fronted by Chaka Malik.
Featuring Chris Traynor on guitar and Larry Gorman on drums - both ex members of the Long Island based outfit FOUNTAINHEAD - with latter BURN member Eric Rice on bass. This original line up would see an Ep release on Revelation Records. Exploring a sound based on guitar riffs with a monolithic attitude - due to a dropped D tuning - though not devoided of melody, which is executed in further detail by Chaka Malik.
Showing a very distinct range and style, the vocals steer the music confidently as Chaka Malik gives the songs a particular kind of depth with his Soul/Gospel tone and Punk angst growl.
ORANGE 9mm - with regards to this record at least - do not have a Hip Hop sound but they do put into practice it's musical aesthetic. By isolating and utilizing what would be considered a 'break' part and using it for the basis of a songs totality, the band musically trims the fat as heard on the albums second track 'Cutting and Draining' a high point on this Ep.
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