A New INCREDIBLY POWERFUL Prismatic Hunter Build [ Destiny 2 Hunter Build]


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A New INCREDIBLY POWERFUL Prismatic Hunter Build [ Destiny 2 Hunter Build]

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Guess what Hunters! We can now play a Build that reminds be of a Gyrfalcon Hunter, With the infinite Invis and infinite volatile purple explosions that we have all come to love, But we can do it without the exotic Gyrfalcons on! It kind of blew my mind when I was testing this build out, because it takes that gyrfalcon build style to a whole new level on prismatic that we have never seen before.

We incorporate void with Infinite Volatile and InvisibiLIty like I said and add in a Strand Grapple with Unravel debuff spreading through out the Battlefield and that combos so well with our Volatile debuff. So green and purple explosions every where but were not done yet, We add in a stick of dynamite from solar that we can chuck out every 6 seconds for a massive ignition to clear rooms because the Volatile and Unravel proc this for us. Then we choose the new arc super or the stasis super to add in Amplified for a 35% damage reduction or Frost Armor for a 23% damage reduction. Personally I choose arc here because amplified lasts 15 seconds on orb pic up where with stasis you need 3 orbs to reach the 23% percent DR that only lasts 10 seconds. Plus the New arc super sounds, looks and feels great. I will say bungie cooked with the 3 new supers they added! Also we get Woven mail for 10 seconds with the Build to top off our Damage reduction which is how we can stay alive combined with Invis.

So I chose Storms edge for my super and free Amplify for a 35% Damage Reduction.

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