Full of Hell - Gasping Dust (Official Video) Ft. Ross Dolan


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Artist - Full of Hell
Title - Gasping Dust
Album - Coagulated Bliss
Label - Closed Casket Activities

Stream - https://orcd.co/coagulatedbliss
Preorder - https://closedcasketactivities.com/collections/full-of-hell

Video Credits:
Video/Effects by Frank Huang
Live footage by Felon DeGeneres

Produced by Kevin Burnstein of Developing Nations
Mixed by Taylor Young of The Pit Recording Studio
Mastered by Nick Townsend

Album artwork
All artwork by Brian Montuori - Paintings made in Los Angeles, CA from June-December 2023 using oil, acrylic, enamel, feathers, paper, hair and ink on canvas.
Layout by Dylan Walker

Full of Hell is:
Spencer Hazard: Guitar/Electronics
David Bland: Drums/Vocals
Dylan Walker: Vocals/Lyrics
Samuel DiGristine: Bass/Saxophone/Vocals

The gasping dust
Forest in ruins
Surroundings bound in flames

Gasping for air in a crumbling world
Appalachia gone to waste
Trees in misery
Riddled with sores
Roots prying through barren soil

Clouds of dust
Desperate heaving
Snuffed out quick in the dark

Deciduous. Kingdom. Collapse.
Toxins in water.

Humanity to blame.

Deciduous. Kingdom. Collapse.

Gone to waste
Gasping dust.
Mourning the Earth that was.
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