While My Guitar Gently Weeps- The Beatles (Guitar Cover)


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This is for George Harrison on what would’ve been his 80th birthday
Thanks to Peter Siegel for lending me this original 1966 Guild Starfire XII !

Eric Clapton famously played lead guitar on this song. After recording an acoustic version, then a rock take with a backwards guitar solo, George decided to bring in his friend Eric for a third version of Gently Weeps. This made the other Beatles, notably Paul and John become more invested in the song. Eric used a 1957 Gibson Les Paul Standard, nicknamed Lucy because it was refinished in cherry red and he thought of Lucille Ball's fiery red hair. Eric gave this guitar to George, who used it for the rest of his career

The backing track (September 5th, 1968) consisted of George on Gibson J-200 acoustic and vocals, Paul on piano, Ringo on drums, Eric on lead guitar, and John on organ. You can hear an outtake on the 2018 White Album box set. Afterwards, many overdubs were recorded onto the track the following day, Sept 6th

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