UFOs over Big Bear City, California.


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Witness description:
"We were visiting Big Bear City in San Bernardino, California family, and I am we rented a cabin out there for the weekend on May 21st-23rd 2022 on our second day during the nighttime we went out just to look at the sky, and we came across what I recorded and send on the video, but I never follow through with it. It was frightening because we didn’t know what we were looking at but the most frightening part was that I heard a hovering sound over the cabin, but I was too afraid to go outside and look up in the cabin towards the roof let alone peek through the window my 10-year-old was there. She also heard the hovering noise sound. It lasted about 10 seconds, and then it stopped, and we didn’t hear anything else after that at that point I waited a few minutes I want to say about 10 minutes and then peek through the living room window, but it was too dark, and I did not peek again through any window. It was a quiet night we didn’t hear anything after that."

Source: mufon
Filmed in Big Bear City, California. 5/22/2022
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