Building a STEEL BIKE FRAME: The Art of Brazing


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Ever wondered how a frame builder makes a steel bike frame? This video will give you the clearest view of the whole process!

Today, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how an Italian craftsman creates a steel bike frame from Columbus tubes and cast lugs.

You’ll see Officina Battaglin’s master frame builder Gianantonio brazing a Portofino (the first steel frame in the world with oversized lugs).

Step by step.

From applying the flux to carefully moving the torch around the joints, what you’ll see in this video is really the heart of the frame building process.

In fact, there’s nothing that impacts a steel frame’s ride quality and durability like the way it’s built.

During the brazing process, the builder carefully melts a brass rod and makes it flow through the joint to fill the space between the tube and the lug.

Brass has a lower melting point than steel, so the heat required to melt the brass doesn’t overheat the tubing.

It creates a metallurgical bond that makes for strong and durable joints while preserving the tubing’s properties.

While Gianantonio makes it look easy, the art of brazing a lugged steel frame requires several years of practice.

Gianantonio started out as an apprentice frame builder when he was only 14.

He mastered the craft under the guidance of the best frame builders at Battaglin (who were arguably some of the best Italian masters of the time).

So, if you want to see how he’s keeping the ancient art of brazing still alive by building custom frames at the Battaglin workshop, this is the most detailed video you’ll ever find!


Officina Battaglin is the steel bicycle brand founded by the 1981 Giro-Vuelta double winner Giovanni Battaglin and his son Alex.

With its collection of custom steel frames and bikes handbuilt in Italy, Officina Battaglin is the only bicycle brand managed in person by a Grand-Tour winner.

Each steel frame is made to order and designed to the owner’s specifications by Giovanni Battaglin himself, to deliver the most comfortable and pleasant riding experience.


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