Russia Terrorist Attack is Planned by US Govt & NATO


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Russia Terrorist Attack is Planned by US Govt. & NATO

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America's failure to provide intelligence on Friday's terrorist attack at the Crocus City Hall on Moscow's outskirts increases suspicions of participation, according to a US military veteran.
Welcome everyone, in today's video; we’re going to tell you Russia Terrorist Attack is Planned by US Govt. and NATO
On Friday, three shooters opened fire at a concert hall in the Russian capital Moscow, killing 60 people and injuring over 100. While the United States and its allies have denied any involvement in the assaults, a veteran US Army commander disagrees.
The Russian army's offensive capabilities on Ukrainian battlefields are steadily declining, and an informal coalition of Baltic and Northern European governments is being formed with the goal of thwarting any and all Russian assault.
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Russia Terrorist Attack is Planned by US Govt. & NATO
Scott Bennett, a former psychological warfare officer in the US Army and a counter-terrorism analyst at the State Department, believes that the recent attacks on the Moscow theatre were most likely orchestrated, if not planned, with the help of the US State Department, the CIA, Britain's MI6, and Israel's Mossad.
He stated that the National Security Agency and the CIA have the technological capability to monitor every conversation and trace every phone call, text message, and email. As a result, the NSA would have access to information that may have been shared with Russia if the US had not been involved.
"However, they chose not to report any of this information to Russia, implying that the United States was complicit and potentially an active participant in this attack on the Russian people. And I believe the investigation will lead to this," Bennett told Sputnik on Saturday.
He assumed that the Russian security services would trace down these individuals and lead them back to their point of origin, which he guessed would be Ukraine.
"So even though the United States claims to have no participation and somehow claims that the Ukrainians had no participation, the United States is the only country that has been filling the Ukrainian mind with lies, distortion, and hatred, which is the fruit of those negative teachings yield these sort of terrorist attacks," said the defense analyst.
Terror attack on Crocus City Hall performance venue. - Sputnik India, 1920, March 23, 2024
Bennett believes that, even though the United States claims no blame, it bears complete responsibility for instilling hatred, bloodlust, and violence in the Ukrainian psychopaths during the last decade.
However, he believes that this will act as an inspiring unifier for the Russian people, who will not back down or retreat. They will only commit to a more direct desire to win this fight and remove their country of the "fascist Nazi fanatics that NATO has been backing since 2014," Bennett added.
Furthermore, one of the risks is that the West is actively attempting to provoke Russia into a counter-strike in order to declare war on them. It might even lead to the West bombing its own theaters and blaming it on Russia.
"I wouldn't be surprised if the most insidious skullduggery is at the root of this, and the West will try to use it to generate a new war footing against Russia." So Russia cannot swallow the bait, and it must proceed carefully, cautiously, and clandestinely in its inquiry and, eventually, eradication of these terrorists," he concluded.
White House Statement on Garners Russian Foreign Ministry Issues Furious Response
It is important mentioning that both the United States and Ukraine have officially maintained that they had 'nothing to do' with the Moscow strike.

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