Ruthlessness | ASMP (oc animatic)


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I did it! 5 months of waiting ...AAAAA
Thank you very much @AuntD1va for the sound and editing!

song :

me: @Karch_art (twt)
Many asked for context.
It's story time !!!!

WARNING: The names of the characters of the Gods have almost no connection with the real gods. The names and powers were taken, nothing more! Keep this in mind. The names of the places too !

Authors of some characters:
- A!Diva: @AuntD1va ( ) , @artbydiversent (twt)
- A!Gosha, A!Erebus, A!Chronos, A!!Charon: @gohich_dead (Instagram )
- А!Archivist: @B1rdTea (twt)
Advocate and Architect are not my characters!

On the island of Tartarus, before the appearance of new inhabitants, lived Erebus, the god of Darkness. A very long time ago he created assistants for himself - workers. Advocate and Architect.

Many years later, residents arrived on the island and decided to remain under the supervision of God.

Only now their quiet life was interrupted by the gods Charon and Chronos.

!!!Charon fought Erebus and Diva(relative of Erebus), exiling them to another island. ( 3:05 )!!!!

An Architect, Advocate and a new resident who also became an employee, the Archivist went in search of information... Until Chronos found them.

Why did this happen?

Gosha ( 1:47 ) , being a nimble teenager, stole an emerald and an inkwell that belonged to Meg, the Goddess of Justice. Because of this, Chronos tried to poison him and catch him. Erebus kept Gosha under his supervision so that he would not cause problems being poisoned and shell-shocked.
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