Leatherhead (Jimmy's) Trails - Big line : Ralph Baggs


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Local trail builder, shredder and all round legend Ralph Baggs hits the big line at Leatherhead AKA Jimmy's Trails. This place is truly insane- I've been building trails for years and think I've done some work until I arrive at Jimmy's and see what they have managed to create. I've been lucky enough to visit a few times over the last few years and each time I've been there has been substantial additions and adjustments to the trails to make them even better. The main line is the most popular at Leatherhead, but I've always wanted to see the big line in action as it looks insane. As soon as I saw clips of Ralph hitting it this summer I got in touch and we scheduled a day to shoot. We were lucky to score a perfect day and Ralph did not disappoint. With the aid of Red Bull and little else, Ralph kept sending the line all afternoon. He would be coming past again before I'd set up for the next shot! The dude is a highly entertaining machine who seems to have somehow contracted J
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