DOOM | D64D2 - Painful Dreams [Cover By DAR] - MAP14


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I really love the mood and pacing of this track. Starts off soft and melancholic, then the heavy guitars fade in, and when the drums finally kick in, you know its time to kick ass! That back and forth between the clean guitar parts and heavy parts make for a nice contrast.

Very happy to finally get to use my Stratocaster for the audio-side of things during this cover! I really wanted to try and imitate the Clean Guitar sound from the MIDI, so the humbuckers on my Ibanez just weren't going to cut it. This was a job for some single-coil pickups! After slapping a chorus effect on to the clean parts, I managed to get the exact sound I was hearing in my head!

I've kept the structure of the song exactly the same as the original. I only added a few small new lead parts here and there. Like the parts from 0:50-1:42 and 2:17-2:34 were originally just the rhythm guitar parts. I felt compelled to try adding so
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