We Didn't Start The Bizarre [REQUIEM vers.] (Parts 1 & 2)


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Combined and edited for your viewing pleasure

Watch Part 1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cq_Qxfxaegk
Watch Part 2 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6nkOHO-QNo

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6sDF97uOymXHtAMCob5gof?si=gCt8UtLuR4GLaq95ktHkzQ

"We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel is an absolutely perfect song to be parodied by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.


Speedwagon, Ogre Street, Wind Knight’s Lot, Tonpetti
Jack the Ripper, Poco, both Dire and Straitzo
Phantom Blood, Zeppeli, Erina, Araki
Stone Mask, George is dead! “Lift this rock”, Slice of bread.

Joestar Mansion, Adam’s Licks, Jonathan, Father Styx
Doobie, Playstation 2, Boxing match,Okitsu
Dio Brando, Sword of Luck, Wang Chan, Gift of Pluck
Zoom Punch, Overdrive, Second Coffin? LEARN TO DRIVE

We didn’t start the Bizarre
It was always Active
Since the masks were crafted

We didn’t Start the Bizarre
No we didn’t write it
But we learned to like it

Joseph’s Hamon, Booger Cop, Smokey, Launch a Bottle Top
Donobang, Crashing planes, Ceiling-Cross Block
Finger Gun, Tommy Gun, Lisa Lisa, “That’s her son!”
Snow Cliff,Mexico, Peeking through a Lock

Stroheim, eye beam, Sing Along to “Bloody Stream”
Esididsi, Pillar Men, Clacker Volley, “AWAKEN”
Wammu, Tequila, Al Nero Di Seppia
Caesar's Gift, UV Ray, "I know what you're gonna say!"


Desert Rock, Camera Chop, Pakistan, Steely Dan
Shark Punch, Plane Crash, You Can’t Deflect the Emerald Splash!
Hol Horse, Creepy Doll, “Oh! That’s a Baseball!”
Vanilla Ice, Strength, Gray Fly, How many times did Avdol Die?

Platinum, Jotaro, Polnareff, “OH NO!”,
Submarine, Cairo, The return of DIO
Water Tower, Throwing Knives, “Get out of here, HE’S STILL ALIVE”
ZA WARUDO, Stopping time, Holly Kujo’s feeling fine!


Josuke, The Hand, shoot an arrow, gain a stand
Tonio, Morioh, Sayin’ “Yo” to Angelo

Echoes, Mikitaka, Yoshikage Kira
Rohan, Jan Ken, Joseph is your father, man!

Lick a bug, Love Deluxe, Win a couple hundred bucks
Shigechi, blown away,


Giorno, King Crimson, Polnareff is back again
Polpo, Bruno, La Squadra, Capo
Liar, Lighter, Pistols Dine, terror on an airline
Koichi Leave Japan, Trish is gonna lose a hand

Toilet Fortune, Train Ride, Banana Flavored Suicide
Growing plants, Torture Dance, drugs, crime, ‘Pari’ France
Abbacchio is on the Shore, Cioccolata’s got a saw
Choosing from the number 4, I Can’t take it anymore!


Foo Fighters, Dolphin street, Strip Search, Florida Heat
Romeo, Jotaro, Ermes Costello
Heavy Weather, Disneyworld, NASA, Underworld
Attain Heaven, Dios Children, Marilyn Manson

Tom Cruise, Wrist Bomb, Alligators, CD-ROM
Emporio, Remove my eyes, Jolyne taken down a size
Annasui, gravity, What the hell is Dragons Dream?
Made in Heaven, Start to cry, everybody say goodbye


Johnny Joestar, NYC, Diego Brando, Zeppeli
Six Guns (SFX), Finger Guns (SFX), Independence Hall
Pocoloco, Hot Pants, Mike O., Gyro Rants
Scary Monsters, Mountain Tim, Spinning, Steely Balls (Nyo Ho)

Valentine, Lucy, Find A Winning Strategy
Wekapipo, We The People, What are the True Facts
Civil War, Tusk Act 3, Finding Jesus, D4C!
Killer Race, The Lord’s Grace, Trouble on the Train Tracks!


Human Rocks, Rokakaka, Poor Tom, Bubble Bomb
Fruit Parlor, Beetle Fight, Build the Melon Parfait right
Eyes in Walls, Nut King Call, Josuke, 4 balls
Amnesia, Jobin Lies, No Fried Chicken, Gimme Fries!

Another Holly, save her, Soft and Wet, shoveler
Radio Gaga, Doo Doo Doo De Dah Dah Dah
Doc. Wu, Tooru, Ojiro, Mamezuku
Yasuho, MILF is Gone, Elvis Presley, Go Beyond


Jodio, Hawaiian, Rohan comin Back Again!
Diamond Heist, Meryl May, Undercover DEA
King Kamehameha (SFX), Do the Hustle, Dragona
November Rain, Hot Dog Guy, Paco, Matte Kudasai

Popcorn Fortune, Pigeons Fly, Pregnant from a dead guy
Etiquette, Run Away, Rohan’s got a movie!!!


Soul’d Out, OVAs, what a beautiful Duwang
Giorno's Theme, Charmy Green, Lyrics Happening on Screen
Anthologies, all the memes, Animations, Parodies
Scroll the Wikipedia, Searching for Lost Media

Essays, What If’s, video Games
Fan dubs , Cosplay
Heartbreak, Feedback, going really really Fast
Action Figures on the shelves, Netflix production Hell,
Now its over, What to do?, TO BE CONTINUED

We didn't start the Bizarre
It was always active
since the masks were crafted

We didn't start the Bizarre
But when we are gone,
will it still go on, and on, and on, and on…..

We didn't start the Bizarre
It was always active
since the masks were crafted

We didn't start the Bizarre
No, we didn't write it
But we learned to like it

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